1 August 2020: Summer Opera Concert at Villa Piovene

The Concerts of the Rebirth – The Places of Beauty

At Villa Piovene Porto Godi in Toara di Villaga. Start at 20:45, free admission

Claudia Pavone – Soprano
Cristian Ricci – Tenor

Silvia Carta – Piano
Federica Morello coordinates and presents the evening

With the participation of the students of the lyrical laboratory of Veneto:
Anna Grotto – soprano
Lyu Chaohui – soprano

Booking is welcome by sending an email to eugeniogonzato@hotmail.it or by calling the Municipality of Villaga: 0444886037

The concert will be dedicated to Linda De Marchi, poet, writer and educator, born and lived in Toara, recently died of Covid-19.

In case of bad weather the concert will be held in the barchesse of Villa Piovene Porto Godi.