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Terre di Villaga and the Municipality of Villaga make available for free download some routes / tracks / paths identified in the area.

Terre di Villaga and the Municipality of Villaga can not guarantee the correctness and accuracy of the above routes.

Terre di Villaga and the Municipality of Villaga warn that some of the routes or sections of routes are on dirt roads and trails in the forest with slopes sometimes steep slopes.

Terre di Villaga and the Municipality of Villaga can not be held responsible then about the reliability of the provided routes or for damage to persons or property that may occur during the use of these trails on site.

By downloading you agree in every part of this .gpx .kml terms and conditions of use.

Starting point: Villaga, park close to the church

Length: 15 km (3-4 hours)

This mixed route of 15km represent the path of the FIASP Sunday morning non-competitive march or volkmarch of Villaga, 2015 Edition (Fifth Marcia dei Bujeli).


The proposed route runs between the green valley of Villaga, the beautiful medieval village of Toara, touches the charming plateau of Pozzolo and arrives on Monte Tondo Hill to enjoy the view of the valley below and the Euganean Hills.


The sporting event, which takes place annually usually on the first Sunday of March, wants to rebuild the “brusamarzo”, the rural ritual with which until not long ago, in late February and early March, the citizens celebrated the overcoming of winter by lighting fires (also called “bujeli”) through the fields or hills. The bonfires illuminated the darkness symbolizing the victory of light over the long winter nights and the warmth on the cold, they also had a function and meaning as purifiers with a good omen for the new season. In any refreshment point of the march, in memory of this tradition, there is a small little fire or “bujelo”. The bujeli and refreshment are, of course, prepared just on the occasion of the March, once a year.

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