On the hills between Barbarano Vicentino and Villaga, some regiments of light artillery took position, and in November 1917 a command of French troops was also established.

After Caporetto, the construction of a defensive system also began, probably for training purposes more than strategic reasons.

On top of the hills from San Donato to Mount Tondo, fortifications were erected and trenches dug on the rock along three lines, all communicating with each other. Also two forts from stone and earth were built, short tunnel sections and machine gun posts were excavated in the rock and a stone blockhouse was built.

Under the caves and throughout the area below San Donato some army troops settled; in one of the recesses of the rock in the caves there is an inscription on the wall: “V MARCHING REGIMENT MCMXVII”.

The church of San Donato was used as a kitchen; and at the point where the Villaga road forks and heads to Pozzolo, the headquarters were established and wagons and animals were used for the transportation of food and ammunition.