A flour water mill with two wheels. In 1961 the house and mill were closed because they were no longer use. In 1969 the Beta mill was sold and converted into a house. Although the interior and its use have changed, the whole ancient building and the surroundings retain the original features including the slow and quiet turning wheel, a silent witness of many stories.


Access to the mill used to be by passing in front and above the higher mill and following a tight hairpin linking the two courtyards.

The draining water from the fountain that originated from under the upper courtyard was not left to run away, but rather diverted to a small ditch dug into the hillside and which is still visible to irrigate the meadows that stretched towards the valley, while the excess water ran into the main canal.

At that time the mill was equipped with two pairs of millstones, one for corn and one for wheat, which functioned alternately by an exchange mechanism. In recent times the entire mill structure known to everybody as “el mulin dei Beta” has been undergoing a restoration project.