The place is locally known as “the Palace” due to the presence in the past of an important manor house. These mills were powered by the canal still visible originating from Pozzolo.

“CIÀCHE”: the first flour mill powered by water with a house had two wheels. Recently it has been purchased for residential use and at the beginning of the restoration work on the back of the building large pieces of wheel coalesced in calcareous concretions could still be noticed.

“BAMPO DI SOPRA”: immediately below there was another house with flour mill and two water wheels. During the years between the two mills another house was built in harmony, so that the whole old complex that stands today is a unique and characteristic sequence of roofs sloping along the canal that goes down to the valley.

“BAMPO DI SOTTO”: in front of the fountain stood another flour mill with a dwelling which received the last flow of water before it left the valley of Calto di Pozzolo to the next set of mills in the village of Zovencedo. Today it is fully adapted and extended as a house.