Festa dei bisi pozzolo villaga

Green Peas Food Festival & Market in Pozzolo

Festa dei Bisi de Pozzolo 2019

Every year in Pozzolo di Villaga spring is announced by the harvesting of the BISI: the tasty peas of Pozzolo, in fact, arrive early, favoured by the particular composition of soil and ideal climate.

The tasty and delicate ‘Bisi de Pozzolo’ remain the best seasoning for the “tajadele de casa”, while the characteristic “risi e bisi” is still a sought-after dish. These and other specialities can be tasted with respect for tradition in many restaurants of the area, which still favors the traditional cuisine, simple and genuine.

The Villaga Municipal Administration continues its commitment to support this delicious product by promoting the month of “Bisi de Pozzolo”; between May and June they will be the protagonists of the menus in the venues of Villaga, Toara and precisely Pozzolo, in an impressive culinary journey of the hilly area.

Download here the brochure .pdf of the “Bisi e dintorni” food and wine festival.