The Villais also called “The Commenda of San Silvestro”.

The Templar cross imprinted on the entrance door shows that the property belonged to the ancient order of the Templars (1270) and after their suppression it was subsequently passed to the Knights of Jerusalem and then into the Knights of Malta (1334). Since 1860, the Villa has been owned by the Chemin-Palma-Bedeschi family. The great courtyard was the place of monks and soldiers, the arrival place of huge quantities of food and sacred investitures, and from here hundreds of acres were controlled with swords and crucifixes. From silk to rice, tobacco to vineyards, the economy of this valley was controlled from here, thereby preventing poverty. In front of the villa there is the park with centuries-old Lebanese cedars and beautiful magnolias, from where you can admire the wall painting of the large coat of arms of the Knights of Malta.